Article 3 - make nuclear weapons when we are about to go to war with Iraq for maybe having nuclear weapons This is terrible for the U.S because it

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Karna Upadhyay Conflict/Cooperation WSJ 2/11/03 U.S.: We can fight two at once U.S. Ambassador Baker warned that N. Korea might fire another missile over Japan. He said that these launchings are N. Korea’s way of increasing “provocation”. He also warned N. Korea that even though the U.S. is occupied with Iraq, it is also capable of simultaneously handling a conflict with N. Korea. However, Baker said that right now the U.S. has no plans for an attack on N. Korea. The United States is against N. Korea having any weapons of mass destruction, especially considering our shaky past with them. It is also very bad for the U.S. that N. Korea is openly saying that they are starting their nuclear reactor, which is obviously to
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Unformatted text preview: make nuclear weapons, when we are about to go to war with Iraq for maybe having nuclear weapons. This is terrible for the U.S. because it makes us seem like hypocrites— we are attacking a country for maybe having weapons of mass destruction, but not attacking a country that is openly saying that they do. This article reminds me of the US situation in WW2. During WW2, the US had to deal with not only the armies of Germany, but also those of Japan. That made things harder because instead of being able to focus all our attention on one country, we were forced to divide our attention between two....
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