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article 8 - the first orderly transfer of power since 1949...

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Karna Upadhyay Conflict/Cooperation WSJ 3/5/03 China to complete transfer of power China had a meeting to assign their new leaders. Their current General Secretary is most likely to be the next president. Along with him, thousands of other delegates will be moved into newly appointed positions. According to many of the political leaders, the main goal will be to control the rural poverty plaguing China and continue to boost economics. This is an important story because a change of power could be very good for the US or very bad, depending on the focus of the leaders. It’s also important because this will be
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Unformatted text preview: the first orderly transfer of power since 1949, which is of course a good thing for the people of China. This article reminds me of the three great dynasties of China and how none of them had a peaceful transfer of power. Both the Zhou and the Qin were overthrown and had their power taken from them. It is surprising that a dynasty that is considered great would be overthrown, but the Zhou was conquered by the Qin and Qin was overthrown by the Han. The only one that didn’t get conquered was the Han, which declined after the death of their most famous ruler, Wudi....
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