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Karna Upadhyay Conflict/Cooperation WSJ 3/6/03 Chinese leader pushes growth On Wednesday, Prime Minister Zhu Rongji gave a 90-minute address describing how China needed to continue to help make the economy grow at least 7% over this year. This will be a turning point for China because of the wave of new leaders to be appointed once Zhu shortly retires. Some of the major changes are that Hu Jintao will become president and that Wen Jiabao will replace Zhu.
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Unformatted text preview: The rest of Zhu Rongji’s speech was basically defending his term and declaring all his achievements. China is not known for being the best economic country in the world, often known for its overpopulation and rural poverty. It would be a very good thing if the Chinese got an economy that could support its people better. Also, the new leaders coming in could be very good, or very bad for the US, depending on their views....
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