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Karna Upadhyay Conflict/Cooperation WSJ 3/10/03 Turkish leader gets stronger hand In Turkey, party leader Recep Tayrrip Erdogan won a seat in parliament with a huge margin between him and his rival. This is a big step for him to become prime minister after current Prime Minister Abdullah Gul resigns. Erdogan might also be what the US needs to unite Turkey into a decision that would allow the US to deploy in Turkey if we go to war with Iraq. When the parliament voted on the deployment resolution, the
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Unformatted text preview: resolution failed by only four votes, and Erdogan might be what the US needs to get the resolution to pass. With the war with Iraq seemingly a certainty, Turkey will play a big role in the efficiency of the US. I believe if the war does happen, that it would be better for all if it a short war. If US troops are not allowed to deploy from a neighboring country, it could really hurt our strategy and may lead to more fighting between US and Iraqi troops....
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