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Karna Upadhyay Conflict/Cooperation WSJ 3/28/03 Mugabe answers foes with brutal reprisals, reports say According to human rights workers and reporters around the world, President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe has struck his people with a wave of violence, mostly focused on those who oppose his control. According to reports, in retaliation for a two-day strike that stopped businesses and industry throughout Zimbabwe, Mugabe has told his militia to brutalize all those who oppose him. Reports say that there are hospitals full of people with severe lash marks on their backs, burns, and broken toes and fingers. Opposition leaders say that 1000 have left their homes and over 500 have been arrested. According to police, they were all inciting violent acts, but human rights groups say they were all leaders of opposition groups like the Movement for Democratic Change.
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Unformatted text preview: With the US involved with Iraq, we are not able to focus so much on problems in other countries. However, if all these allegations are true, then certainly something must be done to stop such a violent reign. According to some reports, Mugabe should not even be president; the only reason he won is because he faked a lot of votes. It would be the benefit for the whole world if they could find a state of peace in Zimbabwe, and Africa in general. This article reminds me of when Hitler was the dictator of Germany. He, like Mugabe is said to do, killed and beat all opposition to him. Also, once in a speech Mugabe stated that he could be a “black Hitler tenfold”, which leaves disturbing ideas to how good his morals are. Hopefully the world will not let such a brutal man control a country once he gets out of control like with Hitler....
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