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Karna Upadhyay Conflict/Cooperation WSJ 2/24/03 7 subway officials held in fire that killed 133 On Tuesday, in South Korea, there was a massive fire in the subway that killed at least 133 people and injured 146, with about 300 are still missing. In regards to that act, seven subway officials were taken into custody by police and are expected to be charged with criminal negligence. Besides them, police are still seeking warrants for three other people. Two of them are other subway officials and the third is the person thought to have started the fire. The train operators who allowed the second train, where most of the injuries occurred, to arrive are also being investigated by the police. Police say the main suspect is Kim Dae-han, who has a history of mental illness.
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Unformatted text preview: Anytime many innocent people are killed it should be of importance to everybody. This act of obscene violence should be looked at as a great tragedy and the world should sympathize with the families of the lost ones. South Korea is also on the forefront of American news because of the actions of its neighbor, North Korea. With it continuing to run nuclear weapon programs, it causes great concern to the United States. This article reminds me of the time in Madison when a man brought gasoline on a Madison Metro bus and lit it on fire. Much like the suspect in the article, the man responsible had a mental illness. Although it was not on such a large scale as in South Korea, it did affect our community a little and made people afraid to ride the bus....
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