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Ceaser play - I mean no disrespect I hear you have had a...

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Cinna=Charlie Plebians=Lackies Charlie I had a dream Ceaser brought me a pizza, but now he’s sleepin’ with the fishes. I don’t wanna go there but someone’s making me. Who are you? Whatre ou doing Where do you live Are single, or are you whipped Slap don’t let your mouth run Slap don’t get smart Slap and don’t lie if you wanna keep your tongue. Who am i. Forget about it. What am I doin’. Forget about it. Am I single or whipped? Eh… and speak up, don’t let my mouth run, don’t get smart, and don’t lie? Then I ain’t lyin’ when I say that no broad could hold me down. You callin’ me dumb? Oh, I’m gonna kick your ass!
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Unformatted text preview: I mean no disrespect. I hear you have had a death in your mob. I just wanna pay my respects at the don’s funeral. Are you with us or against us. I’m with you Then quit runnin’ your mouth and tell me where you live! In the bronx Who are you? I tell you, I’m Charlie! Waste him boys! He helped kill the don I’m Charlie the dealer, Charlie the dealer! He’s got bad crack, cap his ass! I ain’t done nothing wrong! It don’t matter, just waste him! Put him in the bottom of the lake with cement shoes! Kill bruno, kill tony, shoot em in the face! Get donny, get Mario, and somebody kill that bastard Giovanni....
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