Containment - sill be met with all out nuke strike...

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Containment -US policy of keeping the peace after WWII by trying to contain communism. Cold War -The US Soviet conflict where military confrontation was avoided but both countries opposed each other’s views Land Reform -process of redistributing land to land-poor peasants Arms Race -contest between US and Soviets for military power Limited War -A way to keep peace between nations by trying to limit the war to one area, no nukes Massive Retaliation -US policy that aggresion against an ally
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Unformatted text preview: sill be met with all out nuke strike Brinkmanship-when a nation lets it be known that they are ready to cross the brink of war. MI complex-the vast military of the US Emerging nation-A developing country in Asia, Latin America, or Africa Covert operation-a secret of under cover government operation Nationlization-the process of changing the ownership of property from private to government owned....
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