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creative writing -Expanding Exercise

creative writing -Expanding Exercise - that I was clear to...

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Expanding Exercise By Karna Upadhyay I woke up around four o’clock in the morning and peered outside to see a brightly lit moon and stars. The cold morning bit at the windowpane as the brisk air animated the trees outside. With a hesitancy I had not expected I got dressed and called some of my partners to make sure that everything was still on schedule. I left my room in a rush in order to catch the bus to the airport. The bus was packed with early morning commuters. The smell of perfume, body odor and cologne combined in the only place that could bring together secretaries, homeless people and factory workers. As we neared the airport the dense crowd of people began to taper and I became more anxious. When I got there I saw all the people running around, like cattle being herded from the farm to the slaughterhouse. I felt a mixture of contempt and doubt realizing that nobody knew what was about to happen. Nervously I looked in my pocket and made sure that I had my tool. I gave the lady my identification and in a droning, exasperated voice she told me
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Unformatted text preview: that I was clear to go through. As I walk down the long corridor to the entrance of the plane, beads of icy sweat begin to form on my forehead, and I ask myself if I am ready to do this task for a god I have never seen. Quietly, with timid, measured motions I take a seat in the back of the plane. I start to pray and again I ask myself if what I am doing is right. My pulse quickens and tendons tighten as the plane begins to ascend, because now I know there is no turning back. I look around the place and lock eyes with two of my partners. In what seems like an eternity they give me the signal that the plan will soon start. In quick and calculated motions my partner jumps and grabs the stewardess and throws her on the floor, while my other partner heads for the cockpit. The cabin erupts in commotion but my gaze is frozen on a little girl screaming and her father grasping onto her with a frightened look on his face....
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