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creative writing- finish crazy story

creative writing- finish crazy story - AND SHE CALLED ME...

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…AND SHE CALLED ME CRAZY ENDING By Karna Upadhyay I can feel her fervent breath waft down my neck. “Why do you ask such strange questions?” She looks down, dejectedly at first, and then with a rising anger. The now raging wind whips her hair over face, making it writhe around her cheeks and neck. “Can’t you ever just answer me Charlie, I’m not one of your stupid computer you know? You’re always so goddamn indifferent.” She wrestles with a frayed string at the bottom of her red shirt, and then moves as if to leave. “Hold on, I don’t know what you want me to say.” “I want you to say something Charlie, anything to let me know…” her voice trails off, swept away by storm. “Let you know what? What’s the matter?” I start to notice the shadows under her eyes. She looks so downtrodden, so sad that I just want to hold her. But we’ve grown too distant lately. Ever since she first saw my e-mails to Clarissa. “I want you to say you still care about me, about us.”
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