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Didn’t Care From The Start Memory Poem #1 Karna Upadhyay I started eyes glazed over, absorbed by mutant turtles I’ve always been defeated by life’s little hurtles Girls, Television, and rushes of endorphins Stayed the same throughout the years except a bit more morbid Three years old, I cried over spilt milk and decapitated heads Fifteen years later, the milks turned and slasher flicks are dead I’ve learned the art of not caring, or laughing at misfortune Life’s a series of disasters and everyone gets their portion
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Unformatted text preview: I remember hating letters and number for taking all my time Nintendo, sports, and candy were all that were on my mind A decade later, not much of that has changed Except I lost all hope going pro and I play gorier games Things change, but the more they do the more they stay the same From the pampers to the depends, from the stroller to the cane So how does my past relate to the way I live my life It’s exactly the same with more hair, less time, and more blue and red flashing lights...
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