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Some of the Best Money I Ever Spent Memory Poem #2 Karna Upadhyay I’d write about the happiest time in my life, but I probably can’t remember Take it how you want it, I admit to naught Most of my happy times have prohibited by my professor Either that or I didn’t and don’t want to get caught I could write about puppies, soccer, and golden tinted afternoons But I prefer to not be such an ass Because puppies poop, soccer sucks, and afternoons are my mornings The problem with happy is it never lasts
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Unformatted text preview: But for the sake of the assignment and the letter it entails I have a story that relates my taste in humor I was driving with a friend that happened to owe me money So I said to pay me back he could jump out of my two-door So going twenty-five he leaps out of my car His rolls, blood and grimaces are played out in my mirror The old lady chasing us after couldn’t dampen my spirits Those eight dollars led to me laughing myself to tears...
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