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creative writing-memory poem #3 - Since I felt her essence...

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Personification Memory Poem #3 Karna Upadhyay I was staring at her chew her bottom lip And if I tilt my head a little I can look up her dress I’m impressed at my current self-restraint It won’t last long but I can only do my best I met her a couple times More than moved by her vivaciousness My complacent tests she passed with such ease Surprised by what seemed to be intelligence Or better yet personality and a shoulder that could freeze It would all be so easy if she were dumb If I could take it or leave it I wouldn’t even care But I need the way she makes me fun I’m addicted to her smell wafting in the air It’s been four days, six hours and umpteen minutes
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Unformatted text preview: Since I felt her essence dominate my mind And I have the feeling after a couple more meetings I’ll give my calendar for a moment of her time I need her Get her Got her Use her Lose her to my trial and tribulations, thoughts and needs But without her, I falter My chest begins to tighten and I fall down wishing I could breathe In the end, I think about her and watch my life unfurl Trying to put a rhythm to my grunts and hurls And I’m left feeling as stupid and as alone in the world As those who still think this is all about a girl...
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