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creative writing-Muhammad Ali - MY ADMIRATION FOR ALI By...

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MY ADMIRATION FOR ALI By Karna Upadhyay There was strength about him. There was an unconditional relentlessness that poured through the television. Muhammad Ali was a warrior within and outside the ring. During a match his fists were nothing but blurs as hard leather tore into anything and everything in their path. These fists were more than hands clenched together, they were monsters, ferocious entities that searched out and destroyed the enemy. But Muhammad Ali’s fists weren’t the only things relentless about him; his perseverance was just as potent. Admiration isn’t something that can be given away, admiration is earned. It’s taken through perseverance, through righteousness; through all of the virtues that Ali was forced to embody in order to survive. Throughout a lifetime of trials and tribulations that would have been more than enough to break a normal spirit, he carried on. Ali wasn’t a saint, he wasn’t a man that knew all the answers but he was a man that stood up for his convictions, and would not be bullied or pushed to conform. Born in the highly segregated, racially charged state of Kentucky, Ali, then
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creative writing-Muhammad Ali - MY ADMIRATION FOR ALI By...

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