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creative writing-picture story - Picture Story By Karna...

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Picture Story By Karna Upadhyay The stage was set. The carnage was guaranteed. The inevitability began to strangle our hero. Spike sat, rocking back and forth, stripped of his clothes and sanity, in the back alley of the police station. His eyes darted around, occasionally accompanied by guttural moans of dread. He knew what they had done. He just didn’t know WHAT they had done. Was it acid? Was it a laced hit of speed? Was it PCP? Was it a shot of pure adrenaline? Whatever it was it wouldn’t be long until it took over. He could already feel his tendons clenching rhythmically in his hands. His could feel heart-pace quicken and skip. He could feel the icy-grip of The Fear wrap around his heart. His head snapped around, just in time to see something slither behind a mountain of ripped pantyhose and milky-white condoms. Or did he hear it? Or was it even there? The fact was it didn’t matter. All he could do was wait until he lost all control. Before he was diminished to the state of mind of a psychopath. Or even worse an animal. Or even worse a cop. He stood up wobbly, on legs that seemed to have a delayed reaction.
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creative writing-picture story - Picture Story By Karna...

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