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Manson, Jackson, and Crypt Keeper are all one and the same By Karna Upadhyay In a stunning turn of events, it was discovered that Marilyn Manson, Michael Jackson, and the Crypt Keeper are all the same person. According to sources, Jacko’s change in disposition over the years isn’t due to a disease affecting Jackson’s skin pigmentation, but rather a result of his own doing. According to sources close to Jackson, the singer/alleged- pervert has a serious case of schizophrenia. It seems Jackson has over one hundred different personalities, with two of them manifesting themselves and the shock rock artist Marilyn Manson, and as the host of “Tales from the Crypt.” Sources close to the Jackson camp stated that Michael’s schizophrenia was first noticed in his early years. It seems he was originally diagnosed while on tour with the Jackson 5. He would go hours and even days only responding to the name Tito, much to his father chagrin. Eventually diagnosed and treated by the family pharmacist, Jackson’s
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