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creative writing-the sniper - The Sniper Revised by Karna...

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“The Sniper” Revised by Karna Upadhyay A murky and ominous black veil covered the land. Dublin was covered in darkness, except for a little light coming from the moon. The Four Courts were engulfed in a battle. Republicans and Free Staters were waging a civil war. On a rooftop near a bridge, a Republican sniper lay watching. His binoculars dangled around his neck as he clutched to his rifle, knuckles already turned white from sheer over anxiousness. His face was a mask of somberness. Unyielding wrinkles that once might have been embellished by laughs were now bunched in anticipation. He began to eat, slowly at first and then with more and more fervor. He stomach tightened and growled as he took a drink of some stale water from his canteen. Despite the danger of someone seeing him light a match, he decided to smoke. Almost immediately the roof splintered as a bullet sent a cascade of debris in the air. The sniper put out the cigarette and mentally reprimanded himself for the foolish mistake. He looked over the parapet. There was a bright flash as a bullet ripped the air right over his head. He dropped as his pulse began to quicken. The flash came from the opposite side of the street. He stealthily glided over the roof to a chimneystack in the rear, and inched to standing position. His eyes strained in the darkness for his would-be assassin, using every ounce of energy he could muster to find him, but he couldn’t. An armored car rumbled across the cobblestone bridge and then up the street.
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creative writing-the sniper - The Sniper Revised by Karna...

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