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The Capital Daily Times June 23, 1934 Dillinger Shot and Killed by Federal Agents By Seymour Butts CHICAGO--In a shoot out reminiscent of a cheap gangster movie, FBI agents killed the infamous bank robber, John Dillinger, yesterday, on June 22, outside of the Biograph Movie Theatre in Chicago. At approximately 10:30, Dillinger, using the alias Jimmy Lawrence, exited the Biograph after watching “Manhattan Melodrama.” Upon exiting the theatre, sources say a man, later identified as Federal Agent Melvin Purvis, commanded Dillinger to halt. Dillinger began to flee down an alley and opened fire on the agents surrounding him. The gunfire was brief, but Dillinger was killed by a bullet entering the base of his neck, shattering a vertebra, and coming out under his right eye. Agent Purvis, who was unable to draw his weapon in the melee, says the scene after the standoff was haunting. “Probably I will never forget, although I would like to, the morbidness displayed by the people who gathered around the
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