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One love, one life one heart and no soul Eyes rolled back as the devils truths roll Unknown to my mind but felt in my heart Don’t trust the beast or it’ll tear you apart Trouble outside means trouble within The nature of man from original sin We hate the different, always opposed to change Quick to blame so it the end nothing will change History repeats like father like son America’s most wanted becomes a whole nation We’re all equals till the lights turn on Open your heart and embrace with napalm Never liked people enough to care Whether or not what I do is fair My clique has stayed one man deep No emotions so no way to weep, my climb is steep You either a leader or follower, strong or weak You either the one beaten or the one to beat You either believe in god or believe in you You either me or my enemy, that stays true My life is ridden with missed opprotunities Isolated so I have no sense of community I stay wanting money always more and more But I stay hating that everything it stands for A hipocrite from the day I was born After a year of sleep my eyes will still be forlorn I went from ESL to TAG in less than one year But I still know it’s because of a quota I’m here I got the same grades expelled as I did when I wasn’t The only difference fewer teachers to say that they’d love it If I’d apply myself, and come to class more I shrug my shoulders and leave with a simple sure We live in a land of irony and reasons unjust Why else would you puff some a seam of angeldust? Why would send prisoners to prison to learn more tools?? To rape, kill, and steal like a law-breaking school Why else would you listen to these political lies? About how we’re free nation with hope in our eyes Why else would you study all these useless facts? Unless we’re all hypocrites, and in lies we relax It’s been said, there’s beast loves to eat dark meat Sometimes I wonder if that’s really such a feat
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Future children perturbed, another child disturbed Another mother selling herself right off of the curb When will we learn that shit don’t change it’s just a cycle A cirlce of lies, another nazi born another pacifist dies another Zombie looks to prove himself until it reaches the point where he Loses himself its not only accepted but I have premonitions of genocide in my wet dreams And have visions of Jesus as a sherm and crack fiend Spewing hypocritical rhetoric when he hits the scene Imagine Mary Magdalene’s pimp being hailed supreme I speak in different tones, depending of whether or not I’m homicidal or suicidal, either way I load the glock And hit the weed spot, screaming Dane county vice Put your motherfucking hands up, I won’t tell you twice See I don’t like people, white folks vex me hard And drunken skanky girls just can’t get me hard And black people always get on some bullshit Talkin bout that same old scarface ballin’ shit They got Jordan’s but no to money to feed Their 15 childreen who they pay no damn heed And the worst of all are those damn A-rabs
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document 1 - One love one life one heart and no soul Eyes...

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