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Ethnic Studies-Monster - FINAL EXAM BOOK REPORT By Karna...

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FINAL EXAM BOOK REPORT By Karna Upadhyay The book Monster: the Autobiography of an L.A. Gang Member is a chronological account of the author, Kody Scott’s, life. The book takes place in 80’s south central L.A., an area now known for gangs, drugs, violence, and poverty. Throughout his account of his life, Scott depicts many problems and stereotypes facing black youth today. Not only does his life show problems facing the black community, but also the urban youth in general. The beginning of the book starts with his initiation into the Crip gang, which happened when he was at the tender age of 11. In order to become a Crip, Scott had to shoot out the house windows of a rival gang member’s house, and then get jumped in. From that point until his conversion to the Nation of Islam while in prison more than a decade later, Kody Scott made it his life’s mission to become the hardest, most respected gangster to ever live. He earned his moniker of “Monster” for a brutal beating a man he was trying to rob. According to Scott, while robbing the man, the man hit him the face and tried to escape. After catching him, Scott proceeded to stomp him half to death. When the police came, the officer said whoever had done this was a monster, and from that day on Kody Scott was Monster. There are many issues dealt with in this book regarding race, stereotypes, poverty and
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Ethnic Studies-Monster - FINAL EXAM BOOK REPORT By Karna...

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