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FILIPPO BRUNELLESCHI By Karna Upadhyay My name is Filippo Brunelleschi. I am from Florence. I lived from 1377 A.D. to April 15, 1446. I’m famous because I was a pioneer of Italian Renaissance architecture. Let me tell you about life. I was the second of three sons of a Florentine notary. When I was young I trained as a goldsmith and sculptor and in 1401 I was designated a master. After that I competed with Ghiberti and five other masters to make the bronze reliefs of the Baptistery of Florence. My trial panel was a picture showing “The Sacrifice of Isaac” is considered my high point as a sculptor. Although it has received praise throughout history, I did not receive the commission. Rather a man named Gheberti won the commission. This failure made me change my focus to architecture. I am given credit for rediscovering linear perspective construction, which was first used in ancient Rome and Greece but buried during the
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Unformatted text preview: middle ages. Other artists used my discovery to give their work even more realism. I was known for my solving of the engineering and static problems that others couldn’t figure out. This led to probably my most important commission, which was the Dome of the Florence Cathedral. Because of this, in the early 1420’s I was considered the most prominent architecture and I was commissioned for other major projects such as the “Old Sacristy” and the Basilica of San Lorenzo, which was considered the keystone of early Renaissance style. I also made the Pazzi Chapel. I died on April 15, 1446. I am considered essential for Renaissance architecture, my greatest piece of work probably being the dome of the Florence Cathedral. That along with being known for my engineering breakthroughs is what made me famous throughout history....
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