history brazil demograhics report

history brazil demograhics report - people living below the...

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DEMOGRAPHICS Country: Brazil Capitol: Brasilia Population: 177,062,044 Population Growth Rate: 1.46% Currency: 1 real (R$) Languages: Portuguese (Official), Spanish, English, And French Major Exports: Iron Ore, Soybean Bran, Orange Juice, Footwear, Coffee, Motor Vehicle Parts Major Imports: C rude Oil, Capital Goods, Chemical Products, Foodstuffs, Coal Exports: $46.9 billion (1999) Imports: $48.7 billion (1999) Unemployment Rate: 7.5% Population below poverty line: 22% Religion: Roman Catholic (80%)
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Although Brazil is not as economically stable as the United States, it does have the best economy of all the other South American countries. It is also an increasing presence in many world markets. That being said, there are still many problems in Brazil. They’re over 200 billion dollars in debt, and show risky financial tendencies. Also, although they’re economy is okay, the distribution of wealth is horribly unequal, with 22% of the
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Unformatted text preview: people living below the poverty line. I believe that has a lot to do with the literacy rate, which is only 86%. I think the first step to lowering the poverty rate is to increase the literacy rate through better and more accessible education. A good way to achieve this goal would be to tax the rich people more and with the money gained increase academic funding and lower taxes for the poor. This would not only leave the public education system in a better situation, it would also help to distribute the wealth in a more fair and equal way. With a better education and less of a gap between different social classes, it would increase economic stability and leave more of the country in a comfortable living situation....
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history brazil demograhics report - people living below the...

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