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ESSAY By Karna Upadhyay I’m Pierre Jean, a street sweeper in a small village in France. I live in a small 2-bedroom house with my wife and five children. Being only a mere street sweeper, I make only a meager salary that is barely enough to feed my family and keep a roof over our head. Also since I am only a street sweeper, I am considered to be in the third estate, which consists of other peasants, artisans, and bourgeoisie. Relatively speaking, I am low in the order of even the third estate. The entire bourgeoisie, who are mainly doctors, lawyers, merchants and other middle class, make significantly more money than me. Even the most of the poor artisans make more money than me. Also, since I cannot make very much money, I am forced to live in a rural area without any luxuries. My house is very simple and just enough to keep my family safe and warm. To make the situation worse, I am forced to pay outrageous taxes. Some of taxes I have to pay include tithe to the clergy; fees, fines to the nobles, land
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