History hispanic drug abuse

History hispanic drug abuse - Drug abuse amongst...

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Drug abuse amongst Hispanics-Americans has been prevalent since the formation of the United States, just like drug abuse has been prevalent for thousands of years. The first epidemic of drug abuse in America was in the 1850’s when Chinese immigrants, brought over to build the railroads, brought opium with them. At first restricted mainly to the Asian community, opium dens soon reached the white and Latin communities as well. Because of the outburst against drugs by the white upper class, the government soon began to pass laws restricting drugs viewed to be dangerous. Opiates were the first to be regulated, but many others would soon follow. One of the biggest laws affecting Hispanics was the marijuana transfer bill passed in 1937. At the time marijuana was not a major issue, and neither was drug abuse in general. However, immigration was a major issue. It was during the Great Depression and people were afraid of immigrants taking all the jobs. Mexican immigrants were well known to be the major owners of marijuana, selling it openly, as it was not illegal, in local marketplaces and other Hispanic owned establishments. The government knew this and wanted to find a way to regulate marijuana as a way to regulate Mexican immigration. The door was opened when the Supreme Court upheld the National Firearm Act,
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which regulated the sale of machine guns by making it a crime to sell them without a transfer stamp. The government passed the same law but for marijuana, only they made no transfer tax stamps. The only way a person could obtain the stamp is to have marijuana with them, but to have marijuana with them without the stamp would be illegal and could cause them to serve serious jail time. The law enforcements agencies mainly used this law as a way of
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History hispanic drug abuse - Drug abuse amongst...

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