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YESTERDAY AND TODAY By Karna Upadhyay There is no question that the TV shows and sitcoms have drastically changed from the 50’s to now. However, even the seemingly most radically different shows still have threads of similarity. The two shows I am going to compare and contrast is the 1950’s hit “Father Knows Best” and the 2000 cartoon “Family Guy.” I will show both the similarities and the differences I found between the two shows. “Father Knows Best” is a wholesome comedy about a suburban family and their problems. There was definitely a drastic difference between that show and the sitcoms of today. In “Father Knows Best”, their comedy is very clean and wholesome. The family is seemingly an upper class, white suburban family. The father is the provider and in charge of the decisions of the house, while the mother is the stereotypical housewife of the era. While watching it I saw no signs of sex or violence. In fact, I didn’t even see the husband and the wife kiss, and the also slept in different beds separated by a nightstand. The children were very polite and respected their parents very much.
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