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THE INVASION OF CAMBODIA By Karna Upadhyay On April 30 President Nixon announced to the nation that the US was to invade the small country of Cambodia and had, in fact, been conducting bombing raids over specific areas of Cambodia for over a year. Nixon said the reason for the bombing raids were an attempt to stop the North Vietnamese army from supplying they’re troops in the south. The announcement sent uproar amongst many Americans who felt by invading Cambodia he was going back on his earlier statements of “Vietnamization.” According to Nixon “Operation Breakfast”, which was what the invasion was called, was a necessary step in cutting off the supply routes for the North Vietnamese. The operation ended up lasting four years and made Cambodia a major part of the Vietnam War. The operation was kept secret from Congress for several months and from the American people for more than a year. Although the Nixon administration insisted they were only bombing valid Vietnamese targets, it was estimated that as many as
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