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LYDON B. JOHNSON ESSAY By Karna Upadhyay Lydon B. Johnson was our 36 th president and a man of many contrasts. On the one hand, he was a champion of domestic issues, making some of the greatest gains for the United States in terms of domestic issues. On the other hand, his term was marked by one of the greatest US mistakes in our history, the Vietnam War. His presidential career started in turmoil with the assassination of JFK and ended in relative turmoil with the US loss in the Vietnam War. LBJ was very compassionate when it came to domestic issues. He was well known for his sympathy for the poor and his commitment to end poverty. He felt it while growing up and also while teaching underprivileged Mexican students. I think that he understood lower-income living better than most of the other presidents preceding him, whom mostly come from very wealthy families. LBJ was very successful when it came to national matters overall. Under his administration he enacted many beneficial
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