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INDIA RESEARCH PAPER By Karna Upadhyay India is located on the southern tip of Asia that juts into the Indian Ocean. It used to be a very isolated country because of the natural barriers that surround it, namely, the Indian Ocean to its south, east and west, and Himalayan and Hindu Kush mountains to its north. India was home to one of the oldest and most advanced civilizations called the Indus. The Indus Civilization dates back as far as 3000 BC and is known best for their complex, but well-planned cities. They contained citadels that overlooked the city, as well as granaries, grand halls, and even household toilets. At its peak, the Indus Civilization spanned over half a million square miles. It outlasted both the great Egyptian and Sumer civilizations. Over the centuries, many people have invaded India. The first were the Aryans around 1500 BC. During their rule, the Aryans infused India with a culture that is still dominant today. They brought to India the Sanskrit language, the social caste system, and even its dominant religion--Hinduism. After the Aryans, many other peoples have ruled parts India for periods of time. These include the Persians, the Greeks, and even British. The British were the last people to have colonized India, although at first, in the 1600’s, Europeans in general began to take over. The Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, French and British all held land in India. However, over time, Britain took over most of India and made it a colony. Britain, itself, did not actually go into India and take it over, rather a company called the East India Company, which was chartered by the British Crown, brought India under British rule. The East India Company was a trading company that initially established trading
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India research paper - INDIA RESEARCH PAPER By Karna...

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