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REVIEW I've always been fascinated by Indian culture. Perhaps it was a result of my grandfather's stories about his grandmother (full-blooded Cherokee), or maybe it was because I always wanted a little Paint war horse when I was growing up. The sad thing is, I grew up on a glamorized, TV version of Indian lore. My childhood stories never once mentioned the homeless Indians that populate the streets of Seattle and the pages of Sherman Alexie's Indian Killer . An Indian serial killer is terrorizing Seattle, hunting and scalping white men and kidnapping small children. As a result, a complex group of people are thrown together as the city attempts to understand and stop the Indian Killer. John Smith, a full-blooded Indian, was adopted at birth and raised by a wealthy white family. As the rest of Seattle wages a war against the Indian Killer, John wages his own private war, constantly reinventing scenes of his birth and struggling to understand his Indian heritage. Marie is a young Indian activist who shuns her family on the reservation
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