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February 5, 1945 Dear President Truman I just wanted to write to tell you how I disagree with your decision to bomb Japan. There are a couple of reasons I disagree with your decision. One reason is I don’t think you took into mind the devastating after-effects dropping the bomb would cause. Not only did you choose to drop it where there would be a lot of civilian casualties, but you seemingly wanted civilians to die. Also by dropping it in a residential area, you not only killed the ones in the blast, but also later generations affected by the radiation given off. Another reason I disagree with the decision is because you had other options. The actual Allied Commander said he thought the Japanese were on the verge of surrendering, making the bomb useless.
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Unformatted text preview: Even if they weren’t going to surrender, we still had the Soviets ready to enter the war further pushing them to defeat. Even a warning could have caused them to surrender. Before taking such a large amount of lives, all other options should have been completely exhausted. To drop a nuclear weapon, all the details and other options should be closely looked at. Such a large decision should not be taken for prestige but for the best interest of the whole world. Granted I don’t have all the information that you and the pentagon have, but with the facts that I do know it seems that dropping the bomb wasn’t the best decision. Not only does it make us look like a bully to the rest of the world, but it does to our own nation. Sincerely Karna Upadhyay...
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