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MCCARTHYISM - MCCARTHYISM ESSAY#2 By Karna Upadhyay I think...

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MCCARTHYISM ESSAY #2 By Karna Upadhyay I think that McCarthyism had many disastrous short and long-term effects. Not only was McCarthyism un-American and immature, I believe that it was irresponsible. In the following essay I plan to show how McCarthyism not only hurt the people directly involved in it but also hurt all of us who were indirectly involved in it. McCarthyism was in general nothing more than a big witch-hunt. By hyping up the fears of communism until the national public was almost in hysteria, the government turned America into the opposite of what we were fighting for. We lost a decade of possible reform because of fear and prejudice. McCarthyism made any person who might have wanted any type of social reform afraid to speak their mind in fear of being called a communist and having their whole life turned around. McCarthyism also lost us many possible great pieces of art. Around America, artists and Hollywood were being persecuted by anti-communist extremists for being too thought provoking.
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