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A FLOWER MAN’S TAKE O’Banion: Flowers ain’t been sellin’, how’s the rest of business been doin’. Henchman : Capone’s been movin’ a lot of stuff around town. Taking a lot of contracts too, least that’s what Snakes been sayin’. O: Exactly how much has he been moving. H: I dunno, but I heard Yale’s been throwin’ him some good deals on whiskey. 5 O: Yale, talk to him, I wanna know if he’s interested in becoming a friend.
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Unformatted text preview: H: What kind of friend? O: Tell him if he gives us the heads up on a couple of moves a month, we’ll throw him around 30% of what we get. H: 30%, that’s a lot for him not doing nothin’. O: If he’ll go lower, do it, but I don’t want to hear no more about Capone. 5 Information gathered from The Life and World of Al Capone...
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