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FORCES AT WORK Now its time to bring together All the stories that I’ve tethered Into one big black melting pot Capone’s been dragged through the mud Newspapers spilled all his blood They might as well of gone up to him and shot And I hate to love the devil And if life was on the level Then maybe he’d truly be the anti-Christ But there were forces at work That would make any man hurt Cops killed his brother in the beginning of his life He had no money as a child Teachers were angry and so wild The world had no interest in educating the poor So when money was made
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Unformatted text preview: He used the tip of his blade And showed the world he’d not be pushed to the floor Now the lifestyle that he chose Of bootlegging, hijackings, and ho’s Might not of been the best in all of history But he respected his wife And brought a child to this life And brought immigrants a sense of glory That even if it’s against all the odds The one’s in power are not gods It’s a skewed and distorted American dream But there were few choices to be made Either work to barely get paid Or do whatever’s necessary to reign supreme...
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