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Ode to School By Karna Upadhyay Too much containing, not enough relating Too much sedating, the message has been fading I’m locked in this herd’s mindless race until the end But I can’t see the finish let alone a bend This façade of education that’s become more like sedation Has but one need: categorization So as I’m placed and prodded and poked to point That the people in power and appeased to anoint me passable It’s almost laughable, because I stop Because I’m not a percentile that determines if I’m average And I won’t stand and smile as my soul begins to languish And I can’t be fed bullshit and expected not to be famished I can’t stand this
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Unformatted text preview: How could a letter, a single grammatical tool? Be the driving force in my life and me not be called a fool So I sit and stare as the singer sings her song And the teacher asks her question and the fool answers wrong And I think, whats wrong Whys there a five-cop car rotation on our block Why at 3:31 do all our doors clink locked Why do I have to do this project when I dont really want to talk Why watch a parade of principles and wonder why we rot But in the end its all talk I dont go out and try to find the cure I wont be the face of a generation so true Ill just be me saying fuck a school...
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