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Unformatted text preview: SGS101 – Part 2 Research Ethics Research Dr Karen Szala-Meneok Sep 23, 2008 Research Ethics Board Research Why does my research dealing with humans need to Why dealing be approved by a Research Ethics Board (REB)? be The Research Ethics Boards looks at it from the participant’s The perspective. As researchers, we may be too close to the topic to notice how it will feel from a perspective of the person who is being asked to take part in our research. asked As a research intensive institution, McMaster and its affiliated As hospitals share a commitment to the promotion of responsible research. They have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the federal granting councils (CIHR, NSERC and SSHRC) and made it part of the university’s policy that ALL SSHRC) research involving human subjects will be reviewed by an Ethics Board before it begins. Board When does a project need need human ethics approval? human If you are a student (undergraduate or If graduate), staff or faculty member of McMaster or the research takes place at McMaster AND AND If your research involves human participants If or their tissues (e.g., bones, saliva, teeth), OR OR If your research requires records from human If participants (chart review), YOU NEED APPROVAL. YOU What if … What you are just asking “harmless” questions you of people you meet? of University X just approved this project last University week? you are doing an anonymous survey? you you are using your family and friends to you answer surveys? answer it is unfunded research? it is being conducted in a foreign country? YOU STILL NEED APPROVAL!!! What if Ethics Approval Isn’t Obtained? What In the recent past, universities and other In institutions that have let researchers operate without ethics approval, have had their funding revoked. revoked Ethics approval cannot be granted for research Ethics cannot after the research has begun. after Without ethics clearance, research funds can’t be Without released. released. Unapproved research data can be required to be Unapproved destroyed! destroyed! Which Ethics Board Should You Use? You are faculty, staff, or a student in the Faculty of Health Sciences, &/or you are conducting research at Hamilton Health Sciences &/or its affiliated sites and programmes. Go to … You are faculty, staff, or a student conducting research involving human participants, and are not in the Faculty of Health Science or McMaster affiliated hospitals (i.e., you are in Business, the Humanities, Social Sciences, Engineering or Sciences. Go to… If you are conducting research at St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton, go to… Faculty of Health Sciences/ Hamilton Health Sciences Research Ethics Board http:// / X22057 McMaster Research St. Joseph’s Healthcare Ethics Board Hamilton Research Ethics board http:// X 23142 or 26117 / X 22057 When in doubt, call first! When ...
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