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Unformatted text preview: SGS 101 September 2008 September Andrea Thyret-Kidd Academic Integrity Officer McMaster University This presentation was created by: This Academic Integrity Office Academic Andrea Thyret-Kidd Andrea Centre for Leadership in Learning Erika Kudstra Centre for Student Development Peter Walsh Purpose of Academic Integrity Office Office 1. Education 2. Prevention 3. Process cases of academic dishonesty Process using procedural fairness using What is Academic Integrity? Academic “The University states The unequivocally that it demands scholarly integrity from all its members. Academic dishonesty, in whatever form, is ultimately destructive to the values of the University; furthermore, it is unfair and discouraging to those students who pursue their studies honestly.” who Academic Integrity Policy, McMaster University, 2006, Page 2. Types of Academic Dishonesty Types Plagiarism Inappropriate collaboration Cheating on a test or exam Aiding another student in academic dishonesty Stealing, destroying or tampering with another Stealing, student’s work student’s Types of Academic Dishonesty Types Preventing another student from completing an Preventing academic task academic Misrepresenting academic credentials Submitting false information or false medical Submitting note to gain a postponement or advantage note Forging, altering or fabricating any McMaster Forging, documents (transcripts, etc.) documents Types of Academic Dishonesty Types Impersonating another student Providing a false signature for attendance in a Providing class class Research misconduct e.g. fabrication or Research falsification of research data, etc. falsification Graduate Student Numbers Graduate Plagiarism: Plagiarism: “(To) submit academic work that has “(To) been, entirely or in part, copied from or written by another person without proper acknowledgement, or, for which previous credit has been obtained” obtained Academic Integrity Policy, McMaster University, 2006, Page 6. When Work is Not Your Own When Any idea, concept, fact, phrase, sentence, Any or piece of data that you did not create uniquely for this assignment uniquely Need to indicate it was not your idea Needs to be referenced appropriately When Work is Not Your Own When The kind of “source” is irrelevant to The academic integrity academic Material from the internet, public Material domain, unpublished documents (yours and others), pictures, graphs, etc., must all be referenced all When Your Work is Not Unique When If you really want to “recycle” a sentence If or part of a previous paper, you can, but you MUST reference yourself and the paper paper You may want to discuss this with your You professor or supervisor first professor Referencing Don’t create your own system Be consistent in whatever system you use Follow the instructions of the instructor in Follow the course Plagiarism Exercise Plagiarism Evaluating Resources Evaluating Peer-reviewed articles go through an extensive Peer-reviewed process: process: Generally written by a PhD Submitted to a journal with high scholarly Submitted standards standards Reviewed by PhDs in the same field to comment Reviewed on the value of the article on Published in the journal once deemed to be at the Published standards of the journal standards Evaluating Resources Evaluating Information on the internet goes through little Information to no evaluation or quality control to Wikipedia is open-source, meaning that anyone Wikipedia can contribute to a page and information on pages can change daily can You must determine who the author of a website is You to determine the quality of the information on the site site Evaluating Resources Evaluating Internet sites for organizations will always reflect Internet the mission of the organization (it will be from a certain point of view). For example, NASA’s website will reflect For NASA’s stated mission: NASA’s “to pioneer the future in space exploration, to scientific discovery and aeronautics research” research” Evaluating Resources Evaluating While the NASA website likely has a better While quality of information than what is on Wikipedia, peer-reviewed articles will have the highest quality. the Students must evaluate the resources they use Students when writing a paper or assignment. when Techniques to Avoid Unintentional Plagiarism Unintentional Don’t cut and paste Don’t Separate doing research from writing the Separate paper paper Keep all your reference/research material Keep and copies of drafts and 3 column note taking Avoid procrastination Resources Resources MLA or APA Manuals RefWorks – found on any McMaster RefWorks Library homepage Library Librarians are an excellent resource Resources Resources Academic Integrity Website CSD (Centre for Student Development) Academic Skills Writing Workshops ESL (English as a Second Language) Resources Resources Role of TA’s Role ...
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