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10bOVR2 - IE TELHE lull-1 Clare Eerperatiun Etuukhulders...

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Unformatted text preview: IE- TELHE lull-1 Clare Eerperatiun Etuukhulders' Equity June 3d, 1935 Common steak, 51D par value, enu,fldd shares authhriaed, 20,0au shares issued and flutE-tandingpli-Il-l-I-II-III'II'II‘I-‘I-‘I-‘I-I'I 5 330,900 additienal paid-in capital free issue uf Gunmen stuck ahWEParas-llly-illlllllllllu 4flflrflflfl REtaiflEd earnings-ly-ialllllluuu Egglflfl' Total stuekhuldere* equity.... . $1,4flfl,udd flu .July 1, the eurperatien repurchases 2,flflfl shares sf its eemuan stuck at $25 per share. July 1. 1935 Treasury Stuck......... ss,aau _Ea5huutlliuuurutaallu Efilflflfl tu retard purchase ef _ 2,finfl shares at treasury stack at $29 per share after this purchase fllare curpuratien Etuukheldere' Equity July 1, 1985 Gunmen stuck, $lD par value* auu;ddu shares authuriaedr 2D,udd shares issued at which 13,flflfl are Dutstandingl'yfiiiilllllIIII!--*‘Il Additiuual paiduin capital frum sale of summen stuck aheue par... eufl,uuu 200,000 Retained earnings...........-...... aun,uuu Less 2,0DD shares of treasury Stack at :GEtIIII-IIIII-I'I-l-i-I-IIIII jfifitflflfl} Tetal stackhelders’ equity....i.. $1,342,flflfl ==""___=I=——— \/ ...
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