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10bOVR7 - Reporting Stookhoiders Equity Transactions T14.5...

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Unformatted text preview: Reporting Stookhoiders' Equity Transactions T14.5 Statement of Stockholders” Equityr - Reports the ohanges in all oategories of equity during the period Statement of Retained Earnings *- Reports the changes only in retained earnings during the period' Statement of Stookholders’ Equity For The Year Ended Deoenaaer 31, 19315 Additional Common Paid-in Retained Treasury.l Steel: {Ia-Ital Earnin-_ Stool: - Total Balance, 12mm. $Efl.flflfl $1EDJJDU $13!].[iflfl ${25,flflfl} $345,001} Issuance of stool-c... 2D,flflfl Efiflflfl 85,000 Net income. . .. . .. Iii-9.000 fiaflflfl Gash dividends ...... . [21mm {21.flflfl] Stock dividends”... E-Jiflfl BED-Ell] ' [34.300] I] Purchase of treasury stock. {Emil} {ante} Saleeftreasurz.»r stook.....+.......... 4.3m} H.001] Balanee,12iBttKfi..$1fl3.DUfl $2E4.flflfl $144,Uflfl ${3fl.flflfl] WEDGE] _. I; I mess wFrentiou l-hI. Ine. ...
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