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7ClassifyingShortTermInvest - Ebert-Tenn Inveabnenta...

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Unformatted text preview: Ebert-Tenn Inveabnenta T1E—1 clam Shun-firm lnmhnanb Trading Investment - Investments mm a deten'ninabie fair value to be seld in the very near future - Value at fair market value - Classify as current Available-fer—Sale Securities - All stack investments with a = . determinable fair value ether than trading seeurities . value at fair market value - Classify as current if expected te sell in the next year: ethenaise, classify leng+tem1 End-Wad W - Adiust te current market value - If trading investment: " Ftepert differanee between earrying ameuntand market value as Unreaflsed Gain er Less en Trading Investment ' a Ci'fi ineeme Stitflfl'i-Bi'lt - If available-fer—sale investment: "' Ftepert differenee between eerrying ameunt and market value as Unreaffzed Gain er Less en Aveil‘abbfer-Sele Investment and Ail'ewenee te Adjust Investment to Market ' ‘i In stealthelders' equity seetien bf the balance sheet ' 5/” fl'l‘fltlfl‘l'll'hl‘hllrlfi-t ...
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