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12BondAmortization - ml was Nam War [email protected]fiuflfia The...

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Unformatted text preview: ml: was Nam War 555: @Wfiuflfia The iauri-l—trniea to racnfd the Wynn for the first year are as follow: Investor Held-tu-I'Ilatu flit]! Securing: Cash Cash ‘ HBId-tfl~+HatLlrll:f Sacuritias Interest Haven In: Interest Receivable HaldvtO-Mfltur'ltf Securities $ Interest Reva-me January I, IRES Issuer 92.11! Cash 92,218- 92,2‘J‘$ Discount on Hands Payable 1.111 Bands Parable Iul: Il I995 4.0“ Interest Expense 4.5 H 5 l4 Discount on Bond: Payable 4,5 I 4 Cash December 3 l., ”‘95 4.9”” Intarast Expansa 4's.“ HE Dimunt on Hands Fayahla 4,645 Interest Payable E-BL NDIlVHlSn'I'Il flOHlEII‘I iSEIH 31m ammaaa ELNDIL‘UZILH GNU .LNI'IODSIU DNOE I.'.'II|.l"it HHNEAEIH lSEIHEllNI :10 EI'II'IUSHOS ...
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