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91509 - Being guided by oracle explain why this creates an...

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If virtue is a kind of knowledge, then it can be taught (87c) If something can be taught, then there must be teachers and learners of it (87d) There are no teachers of virtue (89c-96c) Virtue cannot be taught (96d) Virtue is not a kind of knowledge (98c) 2 things that go in t Argument valid and are the premises true? MEMORIZE WORD FOR WORD If for the sake of argument, we assume all the premises are true, the conclusion has to be true Paper due on Friday Whether Socrates is being consistent it’s a little  bit  hypothetical.  
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Unformatted text preview: Being guided by oracle- explain why this creates an initial problem Is it a contradiction or not by whats involved in the divine theory. Spell out the divine command theory and what it is Careful, well-defended thoughts 2-4 pages. Difference between priori and apriori knowledge Someone says virtue is knowledge If a then b (b is false) not b, therefore not a 63 e Psuche Psyche- 64c FORMS (IDOS)...
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