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What is the angle between the vectors A and A when they are drawn from a common origin? 180 Town A lies 20 km north of town B. Town C lies 13 km west of town A. A small plane flies directly from town B to town C. What is the displacement of the plane? 24 km, 57° north of west A displacement vector is 23 km in length and is directed 65° south of east. What are the components of this vector? East 9.7 km South 21 km Vectors: x- +15, y+10The vector A B has no x component. A 5.0-kg rock is dropped from rest down a vertical mine shaft. How long does it take for the rock to reach a depth of 79 m? 4.0 s What maximum height will be reached by a stone thrown straight up with an initial speed of 35 m/s? 63 m An 80 N crate of apples sits at rest on a ramp that runs from the ground to the bed of a truck. The ramp is inclined at 30° to the ground. What is the normal force exerted on the crate by the ramp? 69 N What is the static frictional force exerted on the crate by the ramp? 40 N What is the minimum possible value of the coefficient of static friction that will prevent the crate from sliding? 0.58 A force
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