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Archerfish - E The Archarfish Joseph Marcus ThB...

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Unformatted text preview: E The Archarfish Joseph Marcus ThB flmhm'fifl'l is a type flffiS-h W31] 1010M] ffli'l'tfi ability 11' At what speed 13,- should an archerfish spit the waterto shoot down a floating insect located at a distance catch resting insects by spitting ajet ofwater at them. This . . spitting ability is enabled by the ce ofa groove in 0300 III. from the fish? Assume that the fish 15 located very close to the surface ofthe pond and spits the roofofthe mouth ofthe archerfish. The groove forms a the water at 3-“ 333]“ m" above the water surface. long,nar:ow tube when the fish places its tongue against it and propels drops ofwaberalong the tube by compressing its gill covets. Express your answer in meters per second. When an archerfish is hunting,its body shape allows it to swim very close to the water surface and look upward without creating a disturbance. The fish can then bring the tip ofits mouth close to the surface and shoot the drops of water at the insects resting on overhead vegetation or floating on the watersurface. Try Again: .3 attempts remaining submit hints my answers aha-w answer review parl This part will be visible afneryou complete previous item(s). ...
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