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Reactant Acid over Product Acid

Reactant Acid over Product Acid - ll{4 pm Consider the...

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Unformatted text preview: ll. {4 pm] Consider the Whale; reaction. A 53 A Ham" {an + Hon; :2an «eh 00:" {sq} + Hanoi! {In} Using the due In the Table ul’heiel Ionization Commute determine the equilibrium constant, K, ferthis reaefinn. K. fret-“fl” an”) Ki. {Hcafj isnm'” ____-.—.-_—.-. l- — K: infrared-errand): Kflfl-H‘fi'fil) i-Fflm'l" I-c : n.7xua‘7 __._n|I.--- ...
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