1.2 Why is Public Health Controversial

Diseased individuals vs healthy carriers

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Unformatted text preview: project for clean water, sewage disposal – Garbage collection and disposal – Vaccination program – Isolation hospitals Discovery of Infectious Agents Shift to emphasis on individual responsibility for avoiding contamination Did this narrow the scope of public health activities or merely change the emphasis? Diseased Individuals vs Healthy Carriers Did public health policy differ for each? What was unique about Mary Mallon’s case? “What is an Epidemic?” Rosenberg likens the unfolding and management of epidemics to that of a play or a pageant with predicable ‘acts’ and ‘rituals’. What happens in each act? How do people create meaning? What are some of the rituals? What sort of emotions are attached? Key Players in Public Health Federal vs. State Federal U.S. Constitution: To promote the general welfare Reserve clause: since health is not mentioned in the Constitution, primary responsibility belongs to the states Interstate commerce clause justifies federal role in some cases Power to tax and spend is widely used by federal government to control public health policy Branches of Government Branches (federal, state, local) (federal, Legislative – passes statutes Exec...
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