AIT Quiz 3

AIT Quiz 3 - AIT Quiz 3 Due Monday October [email protected]:59pm...

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AIT Quiz 3 Due Monday October 12th @11:59pm Chapters 17 and 18 True or False: There is a linear relationship that exists between heart rate and oxygen uptake (in- tensity). True Please list the submaximal “field tests” that can be used to measure exercise intensity in a group fitness class. Heart Rate - simplified target heart rate method or HRR method Rate of perceived exertion Talk test Dyspnea scale True or False: As exercise workload increases, heart rate will increase. True Please list the 5 factors that one should keep in mind when using any methods of measuring ex- ercise intensity. (There are 5) 1.) Overhead arm movements (with/without weights) can create a pressor response, which is an increase in heart rate without a matching increase in oxygen consumption. 2.) A Valsalva maneuver (a momentary or sustained holding of breath during strenuous effort) increases heart rate due to resistance to blood flow. 3.) Dehydration, environmental conditions/temperature, certain drugs or medications, supple- ments or personal emotions can have an impact on heart rate. 4.) Some medications (beta-blockers, certain vasodilators) slow HR and people on these meds should have their heart rate predetermined under medical supervision or should use the rating of perceived exertion. 5.) Swimming usually elicits a lower maximal heart rate (10-13 bpm) due to the prone position
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AIT Quiz 3 - AIT Quiz 3 Due Monday October [email protected]:59pm...

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