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Experiment #5 - Sodium Hypochlorite in Bleach By Gabby...

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Sodium Hypochlorite in Bleach By: Gabby Citrino Lab Instructor: Josh Judkins September 29, 2009
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Purpose: Determine the molarity of the hypochlorite ion in commercially available bleach. Purpose: 1.) 40 mL Clorox bleach were obtained using a graduated cylinder. 2.) 10 mL bleach were measured out with a pipette and were then placed in a 100 mL graduated flask. 3.) The 10 mL were diluted with water until the volumetric flask was 2/3 full. The flask was mixed gently and then the solution was topped off with water until it reached the 100.00 mL marker. 4.) 15 mL of the diluted bleach solution was poured into a beaker to rinse the pipette. 5.) 50 mL of water, 10.00 mL of diluted bleach solution measured via pipette, and 5 mL of KI were added to an Erlenmeyer flask. 6.) 2 mL of HCl were added to the solution and the flask was gently mixed. 7.) 75 mL of 0.1013 M S 2 O 3 2- were placed in a separate beaker. 5 mL were used to clean the buret. 8.) The buret was filled up to the 0 mark with the S 2 O 3 2- .
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