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Article Analysis 1

Article Analysis 1 - Gabby Citrino NS 1160 Article Analysis...

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Gabby Citrino NS 1160 Article Analysis September 23, 2009 A Gluten-Free, Casein-Free Diet in Autism: Results of a Preliminary Double Blind Trial Authors: Jennifer Harrison Elder, Meena Shankar, Jonathan Shuster, Douglas Theri- aque, Sylvia Burns, Lindsay Sherrill Journal: The Journal of Autism and Development Disorder Year: 2006 Volume: 36 Number: 3 Pages: 413-421 Questions to note while reading this scientific article: 1.) What is/are the major questions asked in this article by these authors? What are the effects of a gluten-free, casein-free diet in the treatment of autism? 2.) What are the “key concepts” used in this article? Testimonials of parents and prior studies have supported the efficacy of the GFCF elimination diet, but before this, there was never a double blind done. Because autism has no clear cure/cause, further research needs to be done. 3.) What methods were used to answer the questions in #1? 15 children ages 2-16 were chosen based on a diagnosis of autistic disorder as defined by the APA. Children were excluded from the study if their medical histories
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