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Gabby Citrino NS 1160 Lee-Ann Lugg Article Analysis #2 A Randomised, Controlled Study of Dietary Intervention in Autistic Syndromes Controversy: Does the Gluten-Free Casein-Free (GFCF) Elimination Diet play a role in improving the behavior of children with autism? Knivsberg et al. (2002) performed a single blind study to determine the effects of a GFCF Diet in children with autistic symptoms and abnormal urinary peptide values. There were 10 children each in the control group and the experimental group. The aver- age age for the children in the experimental group was about 7.5 years (91 months), while the children in the control group had an average age of 7.1 years (86 months). In- formation on each child’s individual level of autistic symptoms, cognitive level, speech level and capacity to handle social interaction were determined through standardized observations forms and tests. At the end of the experiment, individual reports were writ- ten up concerning each child. After the experimental period of 1 year, observational tests were again performed. The DIPAB, a standard Danish scale, was used to meas- ure the behavior of each child. The authors conducted interviews with each of the children’s main caregivers to assess each subject’s individual autistic traits. Formal testing of each child’s actual abil- ities was done in the schools the children attended during the period of time when they
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Article Analysis 2 - Gabby Citrino NS 1160 Lee-Ann Lugg...

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