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Controversy Paragraph

Controversy Paragraph - function My sides of the argument...

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Gabrielle Citrino NS 1160 Lee-Ann Lugg Assignment 1 Controversy Paragraph The controversy I wanted to research was about diet therapy and its effect on the behavior of autistic children. The GFCF (gluten-free, casein-free) elimination diet has re- cently been advocated as a means to improve the behavior of children living with aut- ism. Gluten is broken down in the intestines which produces a by-product called gluteo- morphin. Since more of these by-products have been found in the urine of children with autism than in those without, it is believed that in the breaking down of glucose, the by- products are leaked into the blood stream. Once they reach the brain, they disrupt brain
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Unformatted text preview: function. My sides of the argument would be (1) Elimination diets have an effect on autistic children’s behavior and (2) Elimination diets play no role in the behavior of autistic kids. Parents of children who have been put on the GFCF diet say that there has been a sig-nificant improvement in sleeping patterns, gastrointestinal regulation, regulation of activ-ity and speech. However, most doctors who deal with autistic patients are not always trained in allergy sensitivities and nutrition. It may not work for all autistic patients be-cause they may have other allergy sensitivities besides just gluten and casein....
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